How to Choose an Electronic Chess Board Game |

There was a time when if you wanted to play a game of chess, you would have to search for someone to play with that was as experienced as you. Now, times have changed and there is a huge variety of electronic chess board game products available that will really change the way that you play the game. Whether you want to play while on an airplane, while lying in bed, or while just about anywhere, you can find an electronic chess board game that suits you.What Should You Look for in an Electronic Chess Board Game?The first thing that you will need to decide if you want one that is purely electronic or one that actually has pieces that you place on a board. If you will be traveling, a board without pieces is always better, although some people find it difficult to play like that. Another decision you will need to make is how you will be moving the pieces. Some electronic boards require that you use a stylus, while others now allow you to simply use your finger on a touch screen. The choice is really up to you.Different GamesOne of the features that a lot of people really enjoy in an electronic chess board game is that you can play against someone (the computer) that is set at an equal level to you. Most games have a variety of playing levels in addition to different games that you can play. You can play in a normal mode, a tournament setting, speed chess, or an infinite game that never ends. This can really be a lot of fun for someone who has been playing their entire life and is looking for variety.Where Can You Buy an Electronic Chess Board Game?If you have been to your local toy store or electronics store, you will notice that there are only a few of these types of games that you can choose from, and that is why more and more chess players are choosing to shop for their new game online. When you shop online not only will you get the best variety of different games, but you can also read what real-life users have to say about them.Is This Game for Everyone?Although you can play chess on your laptop or tablet computer these days, there is something about having a dedicated chess game that really makes it all that much more fun. If you spend a lot of time traveling or you just don’t have people to play against, you will find that this is the ideal way to improve your game, have fun, and pass the time. These games are great for when you are on vacation or on a train or a plane, or you just have extra time to spend learning your game. They are easy to use, they generally have very long battery life, and they will provide you with years’ worth of enjoyment while you continue improving your chess game.

Why Children Board Games? Board Games Are Fun, Mind Challenging, and Promote Family Togetherness |

Children board games are an enjoyable way for families to come together, have fun and experience, excitement, competition, and intelligent ideas. A child needs to be very intelligent to win a quiz game, however, if you are playing some game based on probability and dices; you do not need to be as sharp. But game playing children usually become sharper as their mind is well exercised due to game playing. The best thing about children board games is that by playing these games on a regular basis, you can find the best possible ways of getting together with your family. When all members of a family get together to play children board games, the feeling of togetherness is very important for family bonding.If you look at games, from the children’s from this point of view, you will find that these board contests are really special and rewarding. Scrabble, by far, is the most popular and recognized board playing challenges. It is a fun filled game and wonderful teaching tool; the game helps the children to think about words and increases their vocabulary. Scrabble, however, is not a very easy game. There is one major prerequisite; the players must have a good vocabulary.Children board games are fun and family friendly. Cluedo is another family friendly board contest. In Cluedo the family members or kids playing the game have to find the murderer by rotation of cards. In this game one needs to think a lot. The brain thus gets exercised and thus this game is a very healthy one from this point of view. These board games are fun. Not only the kids but also the adults enjoy playing these games most of the times. It is fun and enjoyment and a feeling of togetherness which these games give. Enjoy these games with your kids and your family members. Remember when you think of children board games, also think fun, excitement, competition, and always, family.

Board Games That Use Money |

Fake money is often a staple of some of the most popular board games. One of the measure of success in today’s society is how much money a person earns and accumulates throughout their life and today’s board games naturally reflect that ideology. Play money often helps players to accomplish their goals in the game they are playing, but sometimes, however, it simply helps them farther along the path to winning. Whatever the case is for the particular game, though, the money is often an important part of the game itself.Monopoly is one game where the money is vitally important to the game running well. Each player starts with a certain, small amount of money. As they make their way around the board, they must then use that money to purchase properties to develop as well as paying bills and taxes. Every time that the player makes one lap around the board, they are given an additional $200 for their “payday,” but this money can quickly begin to dwindle. The balance comes in trying to always have enough money on hand to pay Rent on the other player’s properties, pay any bills or taxes which may arise, and having enough to develop one’s own properties so that the Rent on these properties will rise for the other players who land on them.Players slowly begin to accumulate wealth during the game while other players begin to lose more and more money. Indeed, as property values rise in the game, players will begin to owe the other players more and more money and some players will eventually have to declare bankruptcy. The winner of the game is the last player left standing with money, the one who eventually has a monopoly over the entire game board.The Game of Life is another one that features money, although it’s often simply more about the accumulation of money. The finances in this game don’t work as a bartering tool and one usually doesn’t need to worry about running out. In The Game of Life, players work their way around the board, accumulating money. Some spaces will force a player to pay money back into the bank, such as when they need to buy a home or pay tuition for their children. However, the salaries in this game are normally much larger than any of the expenses that need to be paid and certain spots in the game will grant a player “Life Tiles” which can be counted up at the end of the game. These Life Tiles mark certain “accomplishments” in the life of the player and usually have large payouts. The winner of The Game of Life is the one who accumulates the most money throughout the game, making building wealth into the main goal.Other games with money can help players learn more about finances in general. Pay Day, on which the board is a calendar month, will help teach players about budgeting money as well as making smart investments. The game play is denoted by however many “months” the players want to play for, and while the winner of this game is the one who has the largest sum of money at the end, the game is not as simple as only saving all the money that one earns. Players will need to balance their budget will in order to do well with this game, which is just another prime example of games which use the influence of money.