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Halloween game ideas articles usually focus on one age group. But BoardgameBeast insists on doing things a little differently. That’s why we’ve put together our top 5 Halloween party board games with an eye to pleasing all possible party crowds, be they pre-school or on day release from the nursing home!Top 5 Halloween game ideas for pre-school age kidsCandy Land — what could be better on Halloween than a simple board game revolving around candy? Kids don’t need to be able to read, all they have to do is recognize colors.Snakes and Ladders — known in North America as Chutes and Ladders, the snake version is far more appropriate for a Halloween game night. Simple arithmetic required.Hungry Hungry Hippos — finished gobbling the trick or treat loot? Now gobble marbles instead in this loud and funny game. Warning: choking hazard, keep the babies clear.Twister — burn off some of that excess energy with this classic party game of stretching and giggling. Also suitable for older kids (and their parents, after cocktail hour is over!).Cranium Hullaballo — a wild, noisy and fun game from the great minds behind Cranium. When your babies want to burn off that sugar rush, this great game will be just the ticket.Top 5 Halloween game ideas for 5-9yr oldsTrouble — once the first child presses the classic Pop-o-Matic dome, you can forget about meeting bed- and bath-time deadlines! A fun, colorful game that will appeal to wide age groupsKerPlunk! — marble madness with pointy sticks. This is an irresistible game for this age group. Set up time is long compared to the gameplay, but you’ll enjoy watching their faces as the marbles cascade down.Jenga — a great game for larger groups and available in many themes, including a Halloween Jenga version. Stacking blocks and a steady hand may not go well with candy overdoses, which is all part of the fun. BOOM!The Game of Life — one for the upper end of this age group, Life is a classic board game with good reason. Its blend of strategy and luck never goes out of style.Operation — Mr. Boddy needs various parts of his anatomy removing. Don’t touch the sides, or… BUZZZ! Guaranteed to raise laughs from even a crowd of mixed age groups.Top 5 Halloween game ideas for tweens and teensHigh School Musical — the hardest part is keeping up with the versions. We’re up to version 3 already! Combining board gaming with song and dance to DVD or CD, this will appeal to a mostly girl crowd.Guesstures — like Charades on fast-forward, Guesstures is certain to stretch young minds and bodies. It’s fun, fast and easy to learn, a perfect party game.Pass the Pigs — this seems so simple, it can’t possibly be fun. Throw two pigs and score points depending on how they land. Easy, yes, addictive, definitely! A good option for party games on a budget.Lunch Money — this is a rough, tough, dog-eat-dog card game, where violence and bullying wins the day. The sweeter and less bully-like your teens are, the more they will love it!Ticket to Ride — a longer, more in-depth game suitable for smaller groups, Ticket to Ride has that one-more-go factor that all the best board games possess.Top 5 Halloween game ideas for adultsPictionary — quick on the draw? This game is more about a meeting of minds with your team-mates. The better you know your friends, the easier it will be to ‘read’ their scribbled sketches and guess the clues!Eat It! — why should the kids have all the fun when the candy’s being handed out? Test your snack, sweet and candy trivia knowledge while you eat, well, snacks, sweets and candy!Mad Gab — designed to get even the quietest of the group shouting out answers, Mad Gab is super-easy to learn and a lot of fun.Apples to Apples — perfect for a larger group, this game is unique, clever and funny. It will bring out the clown in all your guests.Cranium — its blend of sculpting, humming, scribbling and general knowledge has made Cranium a household name. Loads of versions are appearing now to appeal to all age groups, but the original is still the best adult party game of its kind.

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There are 42,000 board games in the world. Each is designed to promote enjoyment during our leisure time or bonding moments. We just could not resist the competitive nature of these games. It improves our learning skills, decision-making competency and our interpersonal abilities making it an all time favorite among kids and kids-at-heart. The rules of the game vary depending on its goal. It can either be strategic or simply a race towards the end. Win or lose, one can benefit greatly from mainly participating in the game.Its existence is traced back approximately 4,000 years ago. Egyptian and Mesopotamian artifacts and documents prove that our ancestors know how to unwind. The Royal Game of Ur is the oldest board game today. It was found among the ruins of a Sumerian royal tomb between 1926 and 1927. Four board designs that catered to the different social classes were discovered with it. Most players in the ancient time were Greeks and Romans. However due to its exciting nature it gained popularity throughout Europe and the U.S.Evidently children would benefit from playing this simple game. Aside from its fun features, children will appreciate its educational value helping them to enhance their academic skills without being pressured. Children who are fond of such game is said to adapt dexterity and better coordination. They are more focus and interactive. To further increase these possibilities, parents are encouraged to join the fun. Who said board games are for kids alone?Adults can learn a lot from board games. Most games increases brain activity that sharpens his memory, adapt better decision making skills and lessens the peril of mental disorders. Studies show that 42% of board game fanatics use this as a personal enhancement tool educating him further about the world without the need of reading too much. In this present time, we have to be creative in learning facts of life that is not often offered in schools.We all have our own learning curves. We all have a unique talent or skill. Some are more factual than the others. Board games ease the process of putting a message across especially for old timers. Most old folks have a hard time accepting facts making it difficult for us to divert their principles. Invite one in a match and see how he would react if you beat him in a game.Family bonding is scarce nowadays. Our busy schedules and piles of paper works deter us from constantly keeping up with the rest of the house hold. Put out that old board game in the common area and invite members for a game on a rainy Sunday afternoon. This is would be a good option for those who are on a tight budget. It does not matter if you win or lose. What is important is that you were able to have clean fun with your love ones. One day can rekindle the flame in any relationship. So spend it wisely.Aside from its educational value and enticing nature, one can definitely learn a lot about his opponent. If you are observant you would be able to distinguish his strategy and his attitude in and out of this game. It offers you a chance to break his defenses or help him get over his shortcomings.Teach your children and yourself the basics of life through board games. It is a fun, practical way of enjoying, learning and improving the best things life has to offer.